Graphic Design & Formatting Services

I’m now taking on freelance graphic design and manuscript formatting work. Contact me for more information or to discuss how I can help your project come to life.

Graphic Design

With 15+ years experience, I’ve specialized in advertising, printed media like business cards, and promotional product designs. Contact me via the link above for a personalized price quote. (A few samples of my work can be seen below.)

Manuscript Formatting

Let my OCD, hyper-attention to detail work for you! I’m new to formatting books (other than my own) but my years of experience in advertising gives me a sharp eye for details.

40 to 50k = $75.00
51 to 80k = $100.00
81 to 120k = $125.00

The prices include both ebook and paperback formats, PDF, and .mobi files. Turn around time is 5-7 days. (I’ll get faster as I get better at this, I promise!)

Need something else formatted? Book proposal? Query letter? Lecture handouts for a presentation? I can help with that too. Use the handy-dandy link above and we’ll talk about your project.