A Surprising Side Effect

Happy Monday everyone! Oh. Wait. It’s Monday. And I’m at work. When I’d rather be home marathoning Doctor Who and editing my manuscript. So maybe not so happy Monday. Let’s try again.

Hey y’all. It’s Monday. And it’s probably going to suck. But we’ve got this. We can handle it.

There we go. Much better.

So, if you’ve been hanging around at Writer Elise for a while you may have noticed something. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything thing about my daily war with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I’m still fighting the war but lately, things have been pretty good.

Like really, really good.

And I think I know why. I’m happy. And at peace.

You see, getting the publishing deal I wrote about earlier this month was huge. As in an answer to a lifetime of dreams and prayers and hopes that refused to die.

Apparently having a dream so huge┬ácome true has a surprising side effect – a brief truce with my malfunctioning immune system. I know the truce won’t last. I know RA will return to attack my totally harmless joints. That’s a certainty.

But right now I’m going to enjoy the truce. I’m going to keep telling myself that I’m not dreaming. That my book really is getting published. That my dream of being an author really is coming true. And I’m going to keep hoping RA will stay quiet and let me enjoy this surprising side effect.